Chronic Headaches are Serious Condition Too

Oftentimes when we think of pain, we think of joint pain or another diagnosed disease. Our thoughts might go to shoulder pain or even arthritis. Chronic headaches should be part of the conversation as well. This type of pain is felt by almost all Americans. There are 90% of Americans, in fact, that experience at least one headache a year. That number is striking. So, we are here to let you know that you’re not alone in this fight against the pain. Unfortunately, headaches are the most common reason for a medical visit. We’re here to help.

Managing Chronic Headaches

Headaches can be caused by a lot of different things. For one, stress can be a huge factor for your throbbing head. Common ones are migraine, tension headaches, sinus headaches, and cluster headaches. However, if you’ve been experiencing headaches more than once or twice a month, you should be making an appointment. There are also other warning signs to look for that may need a physician’s advice.

You’ll want to look out for some specific signs and changes in your headaches that a physician can help with. If you’re experiencing abrupt, severe headaches, especially if you’ve never had headaches before, it’s time to make an appointment. Likewise, if the pain in your head is causing confusion, seizures, fever, or difficulty speaking, someone can better aid you after an appointment. When you are no longer experiencing normal stress or hunger headache, your body is likely telling you something else. We’re here to figure that out for you. We’re also here to help manage that pain. Understanding the pain and acknowledging the pain levels is the first step. So, if you’re also experiencing headaches after a recent head injury or new ones when you’re over the age of 55, give us a visit.


There are several ways and options available for those suffering from headaches. We have experts that can listen to your problems and determine which solution is the best for you. Having a team with personalized solutions is just a call away. Headaches are no fun, but your life can go back to being fun.