GT Bursa Injections

Trochanteric bursitis is a painful condition of the lateral hip. One effective therapy is injecting the greater trochanter under fluoroscopic guidance with local anesthetic and steroid. Often the injection is therapeutic, but may also allow for greater participation in PT and stretching exercises and in conjunction with NSAIDs.


How do GT bursa injections work to control my pain?

The injection aims to offer prolonged pain relief and decrease in inflammation of the bursa. The local anesthetic and steroid decreases the inflammation associated with this painful condition.

Will GT bursa injections help my pain?

Although a single trochanteric bursa injection may be useful, at times this procedure needs to be repeated for additional effect. Depending on the chronicity of the irritation, your daily activities, and severity, a single injection may eliminate the problem, or be used as a part of a treatment plan to make day-to-day living less painful.


How do I prepare for the procedure?

Your pain doctor will use their discretion, but there is very little that you need to do before your treatments. During the consultation with your pain management consultant, please discuss your daily medications such as blood thinners, pain medications, and any health conditions or health history.


What can I expect after the procedure?

Most patients experience immediate pain reduction after treatment. It is best to discuss with your pain management team for guidance on post-treatment activities. You should be able to resume your normal activities on the treatment day. If no sedation is needed, patients are able to drive home following treatment if advised by their pain physician. Side effects are typically transient and comparable to other needle based treatments, such as bruising and soreness at the treatment site. Patients may also have sensitivity to the local anesthetic or anti-inflammatory injected.

Common Conditions Treated by GT Bursa Injections