Patient Success Stories

Linda Schmidtke

Doctor Church explains options to you, the good & what may be side effects, and how it has a good chance of helping you. But Dr. Church leaves you in control of your body, you decide what needs to be done. I really like that. He is an Amazing doctor and so kind. 

Mrs. Hook

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Schocket and CPI for more than 11 years for care of spinal cord damage after an awful car accident. I cannot string enough compliments together that would convey the amazing care they have provided throughout the years.  
While most of the patients at CPI are struggling with movement and pain, I feel as if the physicians and care providers treat my pain as if I was their only patient and my pain was unique. Every visit I’m treated as if it were my first visit; very thorough ensuring that we cover every area of damage and how the medication is working 
I recommend CPI for those who are seeking more than just pain relief. They work to get to the root of the pain and work harder to find permanent solutions rather than just give you a list of pills.

K Pul

After being recommended to visit with Dr.Desai. I was very excited for our conversation about my needs. Dr Desai was very encouraging and educated on the pros and cons. I loved that she listened and then asked questions and was genuinely interested. That I wasn’t just another patient she needed to have a conversation with then move to the next. I was very comfortable talking about my unusual situation with her. She reassured she would do her best to take care of what I was needing. Also the girls in the office were ABOVE AND BEYOND with there patient service. They made the process soooo easy and NO stress. I highly recommend Dr.Desai !!

Justin White

Doctor Patel, one of the best doctors I have ever visit. He was very caring and spent a lot of time helping me understand my condition. He even spent time drawing pictures to visually show me what was going on within my body. He came up with an amazing game plan to help my condition. If you want to have a thorough doctor that shows compassion, doctor Patel is the guy to see.

Steve Turner

The staff was professional, efficient and courteous. I was called back to the exam room quickly. Dr. Blauzvern was kind, personable and professional. He actually listened to me fully and provided an excellent explanation of why my back hurt and possible treatments. Then he worked some magic and got me an immediate appointment for a MRI. I know I just got lucky that there was a cancellation at the imaging office but he actually took the time to check for me. He is awesome.

Tim Hooper

Doctor Cowan is not only friendly and funny but highly professional, instilling confidence right away. She took the time to explain the possible causes of my pain symptoms in understandable terms, ensuring I felt informed without being overwhelmed. Her ability to outline the best path for pain relief was impressive and gave me confidence in the treatment plan. Doctor Cowan’s caring and empathetic nature made me feel comfortable and heard throughout our appointment. Her team, including the receptionist and nurses, were equally caring and helpful. I highly recommend doctor Cowan and her team for their exceptional blend of friendliness, professionalism, and genuine care.

Musa Fury

There isn’t much worse than enduring chronic pain while there exists an idea of there being little to no relief on the horizon.  
Dr. Amasha’s professionalism, knowledge, and concern for my quality-of-life aides in alleviating that falsehood. Dr. Amasha worked with me to develop a plan and provided alternative and future options. His doing so allowed me to feel like he and his staff genuinely care.

Lauren Fontaine

I was referred after living with untreated pain for 3 years. On my first visit I was told the magic words “we are going to find a solution.” I have been going and working through a treatment. They have given me hope and relief. They take my pain seriously and are professional, positive and kind.

Jane H.

Dear Dr. Schocket,

This letter is way over due! I don’t know how to thank you for everything you have done for me. It’s been 4 years and I feel like I have my life back.The treatments you have given me have worked. I don’t recall anyone having interest in my spine. That’s one of the first things that you did is order X-Rays on my spine, hip and ankle. I had no idea I had a fracture on my spine. I thought I had a kidney infection. That is why my back was hurting. Putting me on the Lyrica- Wow you hit the nail on the head. I actually sleep at night. I get up early, exercise, cook, bake I can go on and on. My pain is manageable, the nerves in my foot hardly bother me. Before I started seeing you I stayed in bed day and night, not sleeping, crying. I just want to thank you for giving me my life back after all these years! You have been a blessing! P.S. With intense physical therapy, I can walk on my own! Still need more work, haven’t walked in 4 years!

Big kudos to you and your staff!

Staci Ohanlon

The pain was excruciating and unrelenting and I did not sleep more than an hour or 2 every seven days. My Dr did not seem to believe me or care and offered no solutions except pushing me off to the ER or a surgeon (who said there were several other options before surgery and recommended I reach out to Capital Pain Management). Best decision ever. I met with Dr Andrew Phillips on Tuesday 4/4 and he prescribed oral steroids and scheduled a nerve block for the same week. The combination of the 2 have provided more relief in a few days than the past 3 1/2 weeks of dealing with my previous Dr. Dr Phillips is also incredibly empathetic, genuinely cares, and spent over an hour explaining my condition and a comprehensive plan forward. A week ago the pain was so unbearable and I felt so unheard by my doctor that I was in a terrible depression and thinking the unthinkable. Today, thanks to Dr Phillips, I finally feel like I’m on the road to recovery and am back to my optimistic, hopeful self. If you’re in pain, I would not hesitate to call Capitol Pain Management and ask for Dr Phillips

Enrique Cardona Jr.

When I am in my doctors office I feel that they honestly care about my medical needs and my emotional needs they ask and cover all bases of my medical problems and they offer alternatives and referrals to other specialists as needed basically all options to help me try to live a more functional life that is more pain free and more active and mobile for me and not just being in bed suffering.


I so much appreciate Dr. Kevin Andres. I feel better now than I have in about a year. I’m able now to share time with the the grand kids and do a little cooking. Having to stay in the bed on a heating pad and not being able to enjoy my life was taking its toll on me. I still get to hurting but I’m able now to manage it and I don’t have to feel like I’ll have to spend the rest of my life laying in the bed on a heating pad. Thank you very much Dr. Kevin Andres!

Shane Rich

Dr. Steven Bhutra was very kind, listened to me, and has several ways to help with chronic pain other than just medication. He is very understanding. I have dealt with pain for the last 21 years, and unfortunately became used to being treated disrespectfully. Not in this office! Everyone showed me respect. All Pain Management Centers should take notes from this office!

L. W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Schocket and Capitol Pain Institute for almost three years now. Before that, I suffered with terrible pain, neuropathy and restless leg syndrome my entire life. Exhausting every recommended medicine available and every general practitioner left me hopeless and tired. After being referred to Dr. Schocket, I was immediately taken in, evaluated and treated. He is a caring doctor and very knowledgeable about a wide-range of medications and treatments. It wasn’t long after my initial appointment with Dr. Schocket that I finally found relief with a combination of effective medication. Each time I visit, I’m treated with the utmost concern. I love CPI so much, that I actually commute from Cypress after we moved because I’m unwilling to give up Dr. Schocket’s expertise and his practice. The only negative thing I could say would be the long wait times, but within the last 6 months, CPI has relaunched their scheduling program and I’ve been in and out each time in 30 minutes or less. CPI is nothing close to being a pill-mill or some kind of junkie pharmacy like some of the other reviews claim. They’ve been crystal clear about the law and what’s allowed and expected of us as patients from Day One. There’s nothing lax, or unprofessional about it. I highly recommend CPI and Dr. Schocket to anyone frustrated with chronic pain!

Jessica Chesnut

Very friendly staff and Dr Mosley is absolutely brilliant! He is extremely attentive and I was treated as an actual person, not a file full of data. He’s also very clear and concise about treatment options. For the first time in many years I have hope!

Leah Starr

Dr Church is so understanding and kind. He takes the time to listen to your progress and concerns with a very open mind! Really a great find for pain management and treatment.