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Once again, Yelp has chosen to filter our good review and not filter our bad reviews.  So, as I have done in the past, I am posting the reviews that Yelp has chosen to filter so you can choose for yourself.

Here is a review from Emily C – posted on Yelp 10/10/14:

I found Dr. Schockett via my online IC forum. I have had this debilitating disease along with chronic renal stone disease, & most days getting out of bed is a challenge. If not for my babies & my husband being there to help, really don’t know what.

Anyway, after a URO in a small town made my condition go from mild to severe, he suggested to remove my bladder or pain management, & bladder removal wouldn’t necessarily solve my problem. This URO was the only doc in East Texas who knew anything about interstitial cystitis, and changed my life for the worst and then wouldn’t help me after proclaiming I would require certain meds forever.

Luckily, a wonderful doctor took over and helped me at the time, but now we have moved 4 hours away to Central TX.

I drove to my old doc for a while because my family still lives here, but it was time for me to find a new doc after 12 years. I was frightened and didn’t know the 1st thing to do.  So that brought me to the IC (interstitial  cystitis) Forum. I saw that Dr Schockett treated many IC patients in my area, & I decided to give it a shot. I also home school my children, and my disease has gone from bad to worse.  I work from home, not both store & home, as I once had. Hoping that changes soon.

So, I went to the website and booked my first appointment in 2 days! Since I had to pick up my 12+ years of medical history in person 4 hours away and with 4 kids, a husband, business and with a scary large internal bump on what I thought was my tailbone, I had to do something bc this made my already horrid existence even worse.

I didn’t wait long during my 1st appt (maybe 30 minutes) and I explained all I could remember, about my condition, passed treatments, surgeries, retrieving my medical records, ETC. Dr. Schockett was very kind in what he did for me, and didn’t have to: first, he examined my tailbone area and explained that the bumps were caused by IC, and actually that was my coccyx. I was so afraid that something else (new ailment) was the issue and I was finally done for.

Next, he understood my situation and actually called to confirm my medications and gave me 2 week’s worth, until I could return to see him then.

I love the fact that you may email the doctor with concerns and questions. Because the qty of my prescriptions was written incorrectly (not so great) I had to utilize this direct email service a few day back: I feel certain that it will be corrected, as it seemed an honest mistake.

I had not viewed Capital Pain on Yelp until I decided to review, and I can’t believe the bad reviews, although everyone has his/her own prospectives.

My only regret was not being to talk to him more, but anesthesiologists are busy doctors. My last doctor was not a PM and very Southern and we would talk a lot. With that “time spent” question in mind, I wish that others would understand exactly what type of physician is treating him/her: PM’s are just plain busy & have lives separate to lead.

I understand that some of us unfortunately end up requiring a type of doctor who we could never dream as a child that we would ever need in youth, lor at least not until they the latter years. I always use to think nothing would ever happen to me, until my early 20’s & here come those nasty genetics (I only assume-no one really knows what causes IC).

Quality of life is so important bc the suffering hits physically & psychologically.  That’s what PM’s do: they help make your life as comfortable as possible when nothing else works. They are also medically-trained to do this job…so, naturally they aren’t always going to suggest juices and berries to someone whom they recognize is in genuine pain and all else has failed. There is such a stigma against doctors who treat and those with chronic pain, and misconceptions, so I was surprised after reading some of the reviews.

I had tried everything bf resorting to PM and in my case, that’s all that works. Maybe someday there will be a cure, but in the meantime, I’m so glad I found him. He really is a nice man and everyone in the office was so kind. Made me feel like a person-not just another patient.

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