Innovative Technologies to Ease Chronic Pain

Treating chronic pain can be a tricky situation. For many in the medical field, it’s a constant state of innovation and critical care. It’s important to administer a treatment that is not going to further affect the patient in negative ways. For example, a lot of chronic pain has been treated with opioids. Now that addiction has become a serious problem, the medical field must look to other ways in which to help treat patients. Innovative technologies to ease chronic pain have now become a way for patients to get the relief that they need. While specialists, doctors, and nursing staff deal with patients on a day-to-day basis, it’s important to note the understanding and the compassion that must result from these innovations.

Innovative Technologies — Easing Chronic Pain

There are several companies that have been working hard toward medical advancements. Outside the sphere of labs and cures for diseases, other companies are figuring out ways to help patients. NueroMetrix is one of those companies. Their new product, Quell, is used to block natural pain signals so that patients can start living a pain-free life. This helps anyone with chronic back, leg, foot, and nerve pain. What makes this product so great is that it has an easy-to-use app and it’s easy to wear. This product has shown great results as well. 80% of the people that wore it said they felt a decrease in pain. More importantly, 60% said they decreased their intake of medication.

Going a little bit further than that, SPRINT PNS system is inserted into the body. This product is placed near nervous systems and is great for those who have just lost a limb or are experiencing lower back or shoulder pain.

When we’re talking about pain management, we often suggest meditation, yoga, or other techniques. Instead of pushing medication at all times, it’s better to look at other ways that we can help your bodies. Notably, VR companies have entered the medical field in this way. This type of technology has now lent itself to provide breathing techniques through this digital experience.

As we get closer to 2020, there is no telling what kind of technology can be created to help reduce chronic pain. In order to keep patients healthy, specialists and innovators are making thinking outside the box. We will soon see the possibilities and the decrease in pain without having to rely heavily on opioids.