Workplace Ergonomics Can Help Reduce Injuries and Long-Term Effects on Your Body

Working a lot of hours can put a lot of stress on our body. This includes and is not limited to our joints and muscles—no matter what size they may be. Having workplace ergonomics in place can reduce your chance of injury and illness. Applied right, it can also prevent long-time pain like carpal tunnel and back pain.

It seems that every year there are more and more working Americans are putting in overtime or working multiple jobs. A lot of jobs require long shifts on your feet or long shifts sitting behind a desk. Both of these work situations can take a huge toll on your body. Therefore, having a sort of plan in place, or ergonomic equipment, makes all the difference. You’ve only got one body, so you need to take care of it in the best ways that you can. Whether it’s getting up from your desk to walk around a little bit, or finding a better seat to sit on, these acts can prevent damage to your body. It can also be beneficial for your overall health.

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the science of designing the workplace. It means keeping in mind the limitations of the human body. It also keeps in mind the many capabilities of a worker. When you have poor worksite design, it can easily lead to fatigue and frustration. More likely, of course, it strains the body and leads to painful and costly injury. So, designing a workplace—especially desk work—that keeps the body in mind is crucial.

What changes can you make?

If you’re working a desk job, there are several options to keep your productivity up and your pain down. If you’ve spent any time working behind a desk, you’re sure to have noticed back pains, hand cramping, and other issues. Getting up to walk every couple of house is fine, but designing tools that you use daily to better fit your body’s capabilities are better. Many companies have created desk chairs, computer mouses, keyboards and more to better work with the body. These are strategic designs on everyday things you use.

Changing Workspaces

At Capitol Pain, we try everything we can in order for patients to live without pain—or less pain. Notably, we think it’s important for company owners to do the same for their employees. As mentioned before, having an ergonomic workplace is beneficial in many different ways. Not only does it reduce pain for the people sitting behind a desk, but it also creates a more productive work environment. When you introduce a safe culture, you, in turn, get healthy employees. Those are your most valuable assets. Creating and fostering this type of environment will lead to better performance and an overall positive work environment.

Prevent Worse Pain with Workplace Ergonomics

If you already experience pain in different parts of your body, prevent the pain from becoming worse. Get equipped with the tools you need in order to stop straining your body. All facility can help reduce the pain, but you also need to make sure your everyday routines and spaces are working for your body and not against it.

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