Treating Pain with Pain Management Austin

Thousands of people in Austin and all across the country suffer from chronic pain. This chronic pain could take many different forms such as headaches, sciatica, and lower back pain. One study shows that chronic pain costs the country 635 billion dollars in health care a year. What is worse is that this hefty price tag, however, is when people continue to spend thousands of dollars on prescription medication treatments without any result. Pain management Austin clinic can help people with chronic pain conditions using treatments like epidural steroid injections.  Additionally, there are other steps that people can take to help them manage their chronic pain better.

Pain Management Austin

Chronic pain may require more than just prescription medication.

Step One

One of the first steps to take when dealing with chronic pain is for people to understand what exactly chronic pain is.  A headache that lasts for a week is horrible for the sufferer but it is usually not considered chronic pain.  Instead, pain is generally labeled as chronic when it persists for 3 months or longer. Still, if anyone is experiencing pain that is lasting for longer than expected, it is best to go to a doctor or medical practitioner to talk about how to alleviate the chronic pain. A doctor may suggest going to a specialist who deals with pain management in Austin.


Epidural steroid injections might be suggested to help alleviate certain forms of chronic back pain, like having a herniated disc or degenerated disc in the spine. With this procedure a small amount of corticosteroids is injected in the outer part of the lower spinal cord. The steroids are an anti-inflammatory agent that provides relief in inflamed spinal nerves. Even with this procedure from a pain management Austin specialist, there are other steps a person can do in conjunction with any current medical treatment help manage their chronic pain.

Non-Medical Approaches

Meditation is one such tactic that can be used to help manage chronic pain, along with additional medical treatments from a pain management Austin specialist. Meditation is easy to do, and does not require any special training or equipment to do. In order to meditate people only need to sit or lay comfortably where they will not be disturbed, close their eyes, and focus on their breathing. Some people may try to relax the muscles throughout their body by tensing and relaxing one muscle at a time. While meditation is not a permanent solution to chronic pain it can help people to take away focus from their pain. Even just a few minutes of meditation a day can help those who suffer from chronic pain.

Consult a Professional

People suffering from chronic pain should speak to a doctor about the course of action to take for treatment. The doctor might suggest the person see a pain management Austin specialist who may suggest a treatment for chronic pain like epidural steroid injections. People may also want to consider doing daily meditations to help with their pain management. No matter what type of pain a person is experiencing talking to a medical professional about chronic pain management can help find some relief from the pain.

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