Medication Management and Interventional Pain with Dr. Mosley

Dr. Dwight E. Mosley practices at our Ohio location. His knowledge is well-rounded. He’s completed a general surgery internship at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio and completed a residency in anesthesia. He now focuses on interventional pain management, medication management, and spinal modulation at Capitol Pain.

Capitol Pain is focused on providing knowledge and diligent care to all of our patients. What makes us so different is that we mold our treatments to fit our patients, not the other way around. It’s because of doctors like Dr. Mosley that we’re able to provide great care to all of our patients.

Medication management

One of the things that Dr. Mosley focuses on is medication management. This is important for patients that are experiencing pain. This is one of the five key areas known to reduce avoidable readmissions. This type of service is able to increase outcomes for individual patients. Everything is tied together with a plan created between the doctor and the patient. Having comfortable patients is one of our key goals, so we ensure that all of our plans and treatments are what the patient has agreed to after full education. It’s important the patient is fully aware of the medication they are taking when to take it, and the correct manner in which to take it.  Because there are different medications that can help control your pain, our doctors are able to work closely with patients to choose the right one.

Depending on the pain you suffer from, there are different solutions in the form of medication that can help alleviate the pain. Muscle relaxers and opioid pain medications can be prescribed to manage pain.

Interventional Pain Management

The first therapeutic nerve block for pain management happened in 1899. The field has since been studied and perfected to help those that experience a high volume of pain throughout their body. This can treat pain with various invasive interventions. This can include nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulation, nucleoplasty, and much more.  There are also different injections that can help with different painful areas. And, this will help with pain triggered by different factors. For example, facet joint injections are given to diagnose pain that is caused by facet joints in your neck. Steroid injections will focus on treating chronic inflammation that is causing the pain. These steroids help reduce the inflammation that is happening.

Our doctors have one goal in mind. That is to make you live a better life. This is achieved with compassion. Also, with personalized care. We understand the steps that need to be taken in order to reduce pain so that you can continue with your daily responsibilities. Doctors like Dr. Mosley are part of our team in order to provide our patients with the best care and have them feeling better when they leave our facilities.  

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