Interventional Pain Medicine Experts at Our Louisville Office

Many simple tasks can seem like a burden when you’re suffering from chronic pain. The mundane becomes a bigger obstacle that must be faced head-on, no matter how tired you may seem. It’s not an easy thing to face pain every day. It can take a lot out of a person. That’s why it’s important for us at Capitol Pain Institute to find solutions and work with each patient personally. Interventional pain medicine and management is one way to go about a solution. Our doctor at our Louisville, Kentucky office is an expert in this field. Dr. Timothy J. Beacham, M.D., FASA, is board certified in Interventional Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology.

Having worked for a distinguished career in organized medicine, he’s lead several organizations in the medical field and has been presented numerous awards for his contributions.

What is Interventional Pain Management?

To understand how your pain will be relieved, you must understand the method in use. With interventional pain management, doctors and specialists will utilize pain-blocking techniques. These will make everyday life more bearable and give you a higher quality of life. This technique is usually put in place when a patient’s pain is severe enough to interfere with daily activities. So, when you’re looking for a solution to your chronic, or even acute pain, this might possibly be your answer.

Interventional Pain Management Gives Comprehensive Approach

A solution to your chronic pain is finding relief. Your pain might include chronic headaches, muscle or bone pain, neck, lower back pain and many more. Interventional management techniques play a part in multi-disciplinary approaches to alleviate some of that pain. These reliefs may come in different forms. Because each individual is different, with different painful areas, we like to personalize a patient’s visit. In this case, one size definitely does not fit all. Our specialists know the importance of having conversations with our patients to hone in on problematic areas and better understand what can be done for someone.

Many techniques are available, and the growth of this field will soon be resulting in more. Patient’s can have pain relieved through injections, radiofrequency ablation, stem cell therapy, steroid injections, and so much more. Whatever the case may be, we want to have an open dialogue so that our patients feel safe and are comfortable with whatever direction they take. After all, this is their journey to a better life, and we are happy to be the ones to guide them there.

Localized For You

There are so many people that are suffering from pain that is living in their bodies. We’ve brought in the best doctors and the best team for the different communities that we serve. Having chronic pain does not mean that it can’t be managed and relieved. Know that there are different solutions and a team of people that are ready to help you live a normal life. Not only are we working in Louisville for you, but we’re working directly with you to bring real solutions—realistic goals that can be achieved through our various options of treatment. Dr. Beacham has worked with many patients and has years of experience, so you know you’ll be in great hands.  

If you’re looking at how to better handle your pain, look no further than our office in Kentucky. We are close to you and working together so that you can have a handle on your pain. It no longer has to be a dark and unattainable thing. Through stimulation, injections, stem cell therapy, and more, we can get you on track to living your best life.

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