Capitol Pain Institute has moved to a new location!

The new location is at 8015 Shoal Creek Blvd #103 Austin, TX 78757. The new building is larger with brand new interior construction.

Dr. Matthew Schocket founded Capitol Pain Institute to provide progressive and innovative pain management in Austin and central Texas. Capitol Pain Institute provides expert pain management care and treatment in a truly multidisciplinary center that affords our patients the benefits of comprehensive care. The patient experience at Capitol Pain Institute begins with a face-to-face consultation with one of our pain management physicians. During this initial visit, a unique treatment plan is designed based on the specific individual needs of each patient.

We pledge to provide effective, efficient, and empathetic care to our patients, to preserve and promote the patient-physician relationship, and to contribute to the growth and well-being of our community.

The Austin pain therapy clinic provides comprehensive chronic pain management services in Austin, while our branch offices in Bastrop serve nearby communities. Patients receive high quality care from board certified physicians who are well trained in cutting edge procedures and treatments specializing in diagnostic and interventional pain medicine. Our experienced staff is highly skilled in treating and caring for patients with a variety of pain conditions. Together, the Austin pain management team offers individualized treatment programs to suit the requirements and lifestyle of each patient.

If you are searching for a professional staff with the most up-to-date knowledge about pain management, who prescribes top-notch treatment in a facility with the highest standards, you will find it with the Austin pain doctors.

Contacting Us:

We make every effort to return calls as soon as possible. You may get a faster response by e-mail or try our new instant chat service by clicking below.

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