joint pain occurring in mans back

Joint Pain — What is Going on with Your Body?

When it’s your first time experiencing excruciating pain in your body’s joints, it can be overwhelming and confusing—to say the least. Joint pain is something that a handful of adults can relate to. According to the CDC, 23% of all adults have arthritis in the U.S. That’s over 54 million people, with one in four of those adults reporting severe joint pain. But, this isn’t the only disease that can cause joint pain. Understanding the different causes of joint pain has helped the world of medicine advance and help more people.

What diseases cause joint pain?

If it’s not something like a sprain or any other injury, joint pain is most likely the result of osteoarthritis, arthritis, gout, or bursitis. Many medical articles, like ones from WebMD and Merck Manuals, have stated that joint pain is very common. For the most part, it’s just our bodies getting older. Our bone mass is decreasing as we age. Playing sports or running also puts a lot of strain on your joints. There are a lot of different factors that can lead to you feeling any kind of a pain in your joints.

What happens when you have arthritis?

The most common symptoms of arthritis are joint pain, stiffness, and swelling. You may also notice your skin turn red around the affected area. Your body is basically experiencing inflammation. This inflammation in the joints is the pain that your body is feeling. Because of this, you might lose your appetite and feel tired all of the time. The disease definitely takes a toll on your body.

What’s going on in your body?

When you’ve got arthritis, there is obviously something going on inside the body. Here are some fast facts provided by Medical News Today. Cartilage, a flexible connective tissue in your joints, can form arthritis if there is a reduction in the normal amount. That’s because it is there to help protect the joints. It is supposed to absorb the pressure when you move and put stress on the joints. When you lack that, the pain starts coming in.

How can we help?

For treatment to start, doctors have to determine which type of arthritis you have. At Capitol Pain, we treat each patient like the individual that they are. We know that not all pain is the same for everyone. That’s why we go through your pain and find a solution that is specifically for you. Common treatments can include medication management, injections, bracing, physical therapy, joint replacement, and more. There is a way to live your life with less pain, and we can help you get there.