Back Pain & Posture

We’re sure many individuals have been told a few times by their mother to “sit up straight”. Contrary to popular belief, Mom doesn’t that just to annoy you and this piece of advices is definitely worth taking. Alongside playing a role in having balance, good posture allows individuals to maintain correct form while exercising. Good posture also strengthens abilities in sports activities.

According to, “…It still pays to have good balance. Just walking across the floor or down the block requires good balance. So do rising from a chair, going up and down stairs, toting packages, and even turning to look behind you. Often times, due to bad posture being practiced, individuals can develop chronic back pain. Mom’s advice to sit up straight isn’t sounding too bad now, huh? For those that play or have ever played sports, bad posture and twisting the body in various directions is recipe for back pain in the future.

Joints are ubiquitous in the human body as they are involved in movement of the spine and extremity. Joints play a crucial role in the kinematics of the human body as they are involved with movement and also help in unloading sheer pressure and weight of the body. When the joints twist and turn outside of the norm for consecutive days, months and years, pain management is recommended to consider if the pain worsens.

Yoga is also a good way to promote good posture. Apart from the spiritual goals, the physical flow and movements of yoga are claimed to alleviate health problems, reduce stress and make the spine less rigid. Yoga is also used as an exercise program and physical therapy routine.

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