hto osferion bone filler

A better treatment for severe knee arthritis and pain?

Do you have severe knee pain?  Have you been told by your orthopedic surgeon that you need an eventual knee replacement? Well, if you are a young patient in their 30s-40s you and live a relatively active lifestyle you may benefit from a procedure called High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO). This procedure is known to do well with younger patient population who are active and known to have unicompartmental osteoarthritis. HTO procedure involves either removing a piece of wedge shaped bone from the tibia or making an incision into the tibia and replacing it with a bone graft. As opposed to Total Knee replacements this procedure benefits the patient by allowing them to continue remaining active and resume high impact activities. Also, unlike the total knee replacement there is no concern for revision of the hardware after every 10-12 years. A recent literature review comparing HTO versus unicompartment knee replacement for single compartment knee arthritis suggests similar success rates of success and complications.

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