Richard Lingreen, M.D.

Louisville Pain Doctor, Capitol Pain Institute

pain management doctor Richard Lingreen

Dr. Lingreen has been practicing pain management for 26 years, spending the last 20 of those years in Central Kentucky. Prior to joining Capitol Pain Institute Dr. Lingreen had his own private practice in Frankfort, Kentucky. He is board certified in anesthesia and addiction, and has a sub specialty certification in pain management from the anesthesia board. He enjoys getting to know and interacting with his patients, as well as formulating a plan to make them the happiest and most functional person they can be. Dr. Lingreen has created, a website dedicated to informing patients about the pain they may be experiencing, and ways to manage that discomfort.


When Dr. Lingreen is not practicing pain management, he enjoys watching NBA basketball and spending time with his three children and wife of 36 years.