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First Ever iOvera Non-Surgical Treatment for Pain

Capitol Pain Institute is proud to have been chosen to conduct the first-ever iovera° treatment procedures in Austin. The iovera° treatment uses the body’s natural response to cold to immediately reduce pain without leaving anything behind. It precisely targets the source of your pain for immediate and lasting relief without the use of drugs or pharmaceuticals. The iovera° treatment is FDA cleared to block pain.

The pain doctors at CPI are always on the lookout for new development in our constant battle against pain. The iovera° treatment procedure shows great promise in its ability to reduce or eradicate pain without the use of permanent procedures like surgery. It works by applying targeted cold to a peripheral nerve which immediately prevents the nerve from sending pain signals. The effect of the cold on the nerve is temporary and does not cause permanent damage because it leaves the structural components of the nerve intact. The nerve is restored to function after several months.

Here are some comments from patients:

MARY “Wow, I was so depressed when I walked in and now I feel like I’ve won the lottery! I now have no pain at all! I have had to deal with constant pain for years and have to take medications just to help me get through. When I walked in my pain was an 8 on the scale and now it’s a zero, I can put weight on my knee and feel no pain, I’m so excited about this treatment.”

JUNE “I am able to navigate and bear full weight on either knee without pain or without feeling like the knee is going to give away. I am able to climb stairs in a complete motion without using one stair at a time. The big news is that I cooked outdoors on Sunday. (YAAAY!!!!) So far the treatment has had a noticeable positive effect on my quality of life.”

LYDIA “I had knee pain for 7 years before I fell and broke my knee. I had to wait two years to get surgery and have my knee replaced. I thought it would be better, but the pain was still there. After the iovera° treatment I was able to get back to doing what I love. To walk along the cliffs, watch the sea lions and watch the surfers crashing; little things that I haven’t been able to do because of being in too much pain.”

The iovera° treatment is minimally invasive and can be performed at the Capitol Pain Institute and at any of its satellite pain clinics. You will be awake throughout the treatment and should be able to leave immediately afterward. The average treatment time for one pain site is approximately 20-30 minutes.

The pain doctors at CPI have now performed five of these procedures in Austin, and they are the first 5 to have been performed in Austin by anyone! Contact us for more details and to find out if iovera° is right for you.

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