Fast facts: Are you at an Increased Risk for Back Pain?

An important question that is frequently put to our back pain management specialists here at the Capitol Pain Institute is whether there are certain jobs or lifestyles that increase the risk of back pain. The simple answer to this question is that it is not professions or lifestyles that influence back pain probability, but due to a wide specter of reasons. Statistics show that most adults would, at one time or another during their lifetime, experience a severe case of back pain, especially lower back pain. There is even evidence to show that a quarter of Americans may have a relapse of severe back pain once a quarter. These people come from different creeds, have different day-to-day routines and so forth, yet are united by this worrying statistic. Suffice it to say that back pain leads to more work missed than any other occupational disability.

Why does back pain occur?

Back PainAs mentioned before, there are plenty of factors that can influence the appearance of back pain. There is the excessive strain put on muscles and ligaments, injury due to a car accident or workplace incident, nerve irritation and so on and so forth. A key point to remember about back pain is that it is not always a manifestation of something wrong with the back per se, as back pain can be a direct manifestation and symptom of other health issues. Back pain in itself is a very broad term that includes both the symptoms of various injuries and the elements of deeper health concerns. Neck and back strain, unusual physical activity, direct and indirect injury, shock, uncomfortable posture can all contribute to the formation of back pain.


What causes increased risk of back pain?

The non-exhaustive list above should provide some direction in terms of activities and occupations that may be closely linked with greater risk of back pain. There are, of course, ways to try and avoid this back pain. Our back pain doctor in Austin at the Capitol Pain Institute recommend abstaining from physical activity that is not at par with your usual level of strain on your muscles and ligaments. They also recommend taking it slow when pain does occur, as forcing yourself past the mild irritating pain can lead to much greater consequences. What our doctors stress, however, is that it is usually very difficult to pinpoint the exact reasons for a particular back pain incident. Given the interconnectivity and complexity of the human nervous system, most of the time no one factor can be attributed to increased back pain risk. Nerve entrapment, muscular injury, herniated disks, joint erosion are all named as possible causes of back pain, but caution is urged when trying to link the condition to just one of the aforementioned issues.

How we can help

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