Dr. Sameer Sharma, Pain Doctor in Austin Texas


Dr. Sameer Sharma was born and raised in Northern California but has lived in various locations throughout his training. He completed his undergraduate training at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Dr. Sameer Sharma completed medical school training at St. George’s University. After medical school, he completed his residency in NY and fellowship in Philadelphia. Dr. Sameer Sharma is more than delighted to now call Austin his home. As an ardent fan of Bay Area sports teams and admirer of a wide array of music, he has embraced the festive and eclectic culture of Austin in all its beauty. Dr. Sameer Sharma is happily married and enjoys living an active lifestyle.

About Dr. Sameer Sharma

Dr. Sameer Sharma is the newest Austin pain management doctor at Capitol Pain Institute. Having completed his residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Hofstra University North Shore LIJ in Manhasset, NY he was fortunate to work with some of the great luminary figures in rehabilitation. This experience helped to further refine his interest in musculoskeletal injuries and electrodiagnostic studies. As a resident at Hofstra University Dr. Sharma was able to help contribute to various book publications and research projects in the fields of electrodiagnostic and sports medicine. After residency Dr. Sharma continued to pursue his interest in interventional procedures by completing an ACGME pain management fellowship at Temple University with Mid Atlantic Spine. Striving to provide the most current and up to date advances in pain management Dr. Sharma attends numerous conferences and seminars as an active member of North American Spine Society (NASS), American Society of Interventional Pain (ASIP), and the International Spine Intervention Society. He is presently a board writer for pain management questions on BoardVitals.com. Enjoying being busy Dr. Sharma briefly worked as a pain management consultant at nursing facilities in Long Island, NY and as the rehab inpatient admitting director at Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown, NY in between his residency and fellowship training. His overall training and experience has helped to provide a smooth segue into his new role as a practicing physician here at Capitol Pain Institute.

To my patients

I feel having had to move and relocate frequently during my academic journey has been a blessing in disguise. This experience has broadened my horizon in exposure to people from all walks of life. Having the privilege of traveling to such places has not only humbled me as a person but has provided invaluable insight and understanding when it comes to approaching people from all backgrounds. My goal at Capitol Pain Institute is to provide you with the utmost consummate professional service while providing tailored individualized pain care.


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